Francine Migner - Artiste visuelle pluridisciplinaire, Montreal, Quebec
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  Francine Migner: Multidisciplinary Visual Artist

A Multidisciplinary Approach

I disclose the nature of the objects that surround me and thus, I reveal the truth about our identity and our culture. I show my autobiographical objects to the public. I question these objects in a clear context : these objects have all been one day acquired, have been manipulated, worn, thrown away, lost and found.

My studio is crammed full of all sorts of objects. Among those are a great number of glass jars. They have a poetic nature always evolving… I present this unwanted stuff "on display " when I exhibit them because they are placed in an unusual context for the object. Sometimes, I work alone and, at other times, with the members of a community or spectators, especially during a performance. We go after traces and marks. What remains in my memory about these objects tells us about our way of living, our collective behavior, the short-lived nature of things and life. Sometimes, they conceal very intimate secrets in the way they are questioned; they carry aesthetism and non aesthetism, often close to arte povera. While using found and recycled objects, I find an ecological road and I play with the transparency to convey a mysterious aspect to the work: we want to see, but we can't see all.

The objects involved in the installation concern everybody, whatever the age or background. Overall, I use universal signs and symbols in order to pass on my message.

Photography is an important element of my work.


Francine Migner
April 2005

Totem, 2002

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